Accessories and Care Products

Sustainable Construction Services supplies an extensive range of specialised accessories and care products for windows, doors, glazing shutters and more. We are mainly focussing on the medium to high-end market, by supplying high quality products. Most of our products however, are suitable for most applications and situations.

SCS supplies accessories to be retrofit to existing installations, to replace existing parts and components or to ensure new installations are of highest standards and finishes. Generally, our accessories and care products belong to the groups below.

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Accessories and Care Products for Windows/ Glazing:

The amount of available accessories and options for windows and doors is huge. Accessories like fly screens and blinds are often required. For quality windows however, the need to upgrade handles or glazing to increase security is sometimes important. The glazing might also be changed to tinted glass, reflective glass or acoustic glass (soundproof windows). FoilsAccessories, Care, Maintenance for windows for glazing can sometimes be helpful to create privacy (frosting/ patterns) or reduce glare.

SCS also supplies care products to ensure your window and glass is still in great shape after decades. Many specialised cleaning products and tools are available. The correct lubricants for your window hardware and oils for surface treatments for a variety of window types are in stock. We also supply touch-up markers in basically every colour in case your aluminium, timber or uPVC frame is scratched or damaged.

Many additional security features, such as restrictors, alarms, locking systems are available. Please follow this link if you are interested: Window Security

Accessories and Care Products for Doors

Entrance Door SecuritySimilar to our window section, accessories like fly screens and blinds as well as security screens are often required. Durable doors often require repainting or impregnating to prepare for decades to come. SCS supplies care products to ensure your door is still in great shape after decades. Many maintenance/ care products and tools are available, like lubricants for hardware/ locks and oils/ paints for surface treatment.

Door security is a big topic. After several years it is often time to change or upgrade locks, add restrictors, spy holes, etc. Please follow this link if you are interested: Entrance Door Security

Accessories and Care Products for Shutters, Blinds and Awnings

Automation Accessories for windowsShutters, blinds and awning need to be cleaned on a regular basis to remain in good shape and appearance. It is even more important to align or lubricate their movable parts on a regular basis. Naturally, SCS is ready to service the components for you. Alternatively, we can supply appropriate care and maintenance products and tools.

Automation can optionally be retrofit. In many cases manual operation becomes harder or brakes completely from wear and tear over the years. In that case it is time to move towards automated or even solar driven, remote controlled systems that can be operated by people of all ages.

Accessories for security Doors and Grilles

Especially, after attempted or successful burglaries, the need to upgrade your security screens, grilles and doors is an issue. Replacement of existing locks or fixings towards burglar-proof alternatives is necessary.

Your security grilles and doors are exposed to the elements 24/ 7. Therefore, they need care over the years. SCS can either send a technician to complete the job or supply you with appropriate cleaning agents, paints, lubricants and the like.

Care products

No Matter, which care products you require for your window, door, shutter, awning, security door or grille, SCS will supply high-quality products at great value.

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