Door Handles and Door Hardware

Handles for Glass Doors

Despite the frame colour and shape, quality glass doors are often of similar appearance. Difference in design can be created by mounting a high quality, well finished handle to your door. It is recommended to initially consider the desired functionality, as the issue of security must be taken seriously into consideration. The door handle is one of the major elements of security. Furthermore, the handle can define the functions of the door panel, e.g. allow the tilt but prevent the turn or slide function. This will allows ventilating the room for high air quality without giving access for intruders. Please see below the main types of handles supplied by SCS:

 Standard Door Handle

Standard Handle


 Push-Button Door Handle

Push-button handle


 Key-Lock Door Handle

Key-lockable handle


 Secustic Door Handle

Sekustic handle

Finish and Surface

Handles for doors come in different colours, materials and finishes. By clicking on below images, you will find some of the handles supplied by SCS:

Door Handles 1

Aluminium-Bronze & Stainless Steel Finish

Door Handles 2

PVC-Brass and Wrought Iron Finish

Product Range of Door Handles/ Door Hardware

SCS supplies preferable handles made by HOPPE and SIEGENIA. Please find below an excerpt from HOPPE’s huge range of handles, with some clarification on available colour and options.

Amsterdam keylock (Secustik)


Atlanta (Secustic)


Atlanta key-lock


Atlanta push-button


Bilbao (Secustic)

Bilbao key-lock (Secustic)


Bonn Secustic


Bonn keylock (Secustik)

Denver (secustic)

Denver key-lock (Secustic)




London key-lock


London push-button


Luxemburg (Secustic)

Luxembourg key-lock (Secustic)


Marseille (Secustic)

Marseille Key-lock (Secustic)


New York (Secustic)


New York key-lock


New York push-button



Paris key-lock (Secustic)


Stockholm (Secustic)


Stockholm key-lock (Secustic)



Tokyo key-lock

Tokyo push-button

Trondheim (Secustic)

Trondheim key-lock


Verone (Secustic)


Verona key-lock