Door Security for Double and Triple-Glazed Doors

In many residential suburbs and commercial areas, security of your family, private and company assets is an issue. Most people, who were victim to burglary, still carry a feeling of insecurity or worry even years later. Some are traumatised for a long time. Sustainable Construction Services provides door security solutions to make your home and business a safe haven, so you and your family will feel comfortable and secure. Our products will increase the security and safety in your building; protect your family and assets now and in the future. The technology is that advanced and sophisticated that burglars are not able to get past this security barrier. The intruder and anti-burglary protection provided by our doors can be sub-divided into two main areas. (Our Entrance Door Security can be seen here).

Firstly, the glazing plays a key role. The availability of specialised glazing units will make it impossible to use the glass as the weak point to enter your house. A huge range of security and anti-attack glazing can be inserted into our high quality framing systems. The types are sub-divided into security and safety classes:

  • anti-crash glass
  • anti-vandal glass
  • penetration-resistant glass
  • bullet-resistant glass
  • explosion-resistant glass

Secondly, SCS offers the latest technology, when it comes to fittings and hardware. The main components for security are the stainless steel door drive (also called gearing actuator), the security handle and locking mechanism. Further increase in security is possible through installation of glass break detectors, opening and closure warning devices. This is normally not required, as the burglar takes great risk of injury or arrest, when smashing the glazing unit.

Mushroom-Head Locking system/ Anti-lift-out protection

Mushroom head locking point (MHLP) for secure windows  Anti-lift-out protection protects your property from intruders levering your door panel out of the frame, which is a very common form of break-ins. When the door is locked the mushroom heads are sliding into keeps, which makes it impossible to lever the frame out of the sash.

Resistance Classes

The security of fittings and locking mechanisms is standardised in Europe. SCS doors are supplied in line with latest European Standards, so called Resistance Classes, in combination with extremely strong, rigid framing systems. The resistance classes define the level of security provided, amount and positioning of mushroom-head-locking-points (MHLP). All of our doors have additional standard locking points as well as hinges that provide strength. The resistance classes take the door size into account when the amount of MHLP’s is calculating. For rather small doors applies the following: Basic (at least 3 MHLP), RC1N (at least 5 MHLP’s), RC2 N (at least 9 MHLP’s). Higher resistance classes (RC2-RC6) take further mechanical protections and glazing classifications into account to account for highly secure buildings (e.g. banks, jewelleries, etc).

Choosing the correct Resistance Class should take accessibility on the outside into account, e.g. height above ground (ground floor, basement or upper floors), accessibility via a balcony or garage roof, etc. Below graphics show the positioning of mushroom-head-locking-points:

 Standard RC for secure doors

Basic security

 RC 1 N for secure doors

RC 1 N

RC 2 N for secure doors

RC 2 N

Security Handles

Secustic HandleSecure handles on doors do not necessarily require a key lock, even though security is the major factor forming base for the right choice of handle. In many cases, the handle decides whether the burglary is successful or not. For that reason a secure handle must prevent manipulation from the outside.

The advantage of key-lockable handle is that the door cannot even be opened when the door is smashed. This depends however on the key being removed from the handle in every instance.

The alternative option of a push-button controlled locks is interesting. The preferred system supplied by SCS ensures that the button needs to be pushed for every operation. This means the lock is always active. Operating the push button can be problematic at very young or very high age

SCS highly recommends SECUSTIC HANDLES supplied by HOPPE, Germany. This system cannot be manipulated from the outside, and locks automatically. Neither push button nor key-operated locks are required, as this automatic inter-locking system can be operated by turning the handle.

Alarm Handle

Door Security - Alarm Handle The latest Technology is also provided by alarm handles. These handle systems will trigger an inbuilt alarm of 100 dB and more if the handle is manipulated from the outside (shock function) of the building. This results in every burglar being scared away or attention to the burglary drawn from the environment. The system can be easily retrofitted to existing windows and doors and is perfect for individuals with pets (who cannot use motion detectors) or want to be safe and secure at night time. The design is decent and unobtrusive

Break Glass Alarm

Door Security - Break Glass  The Break Glass alarm is permanently monitoring your window and doors glazing and immediately sounds a high pitch signal of 100 dB or more without delay. This will be heard throughout neighbourhoods and will scare any burglar off. The system can be easily retrofitted to any existing glazing unit and is perfect for individuals with pets (who cannot use motion detectors) or want to be safe and secure at night time. The design is decent and unobtrusive.

Please see below further information below to prevent burglary and increase security:

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