Glazing Options for Glass Doors

For any door type in Australia, the minimum requirements for single glazed, double glazed and triple glazed doors are defined by the BCA (NCC) and applicable Australian Standards. More specialised glazing is required for some applications, depending on the desired function and design of the double or triple glazed door. The innovations over the last decade make glazing a high-tech product in many regards. Multiple wall insulating units fulfil highest standards in thermal and acoustic insulation as well as durability, security and personal safety. SCS supplies glazing units that are built based on latest innovations and technologies.

Besides the main purposes of glazing to allow the optimal level of natural light to penetrate/ flood the room and provide visibility to the outside, glazing should prevent bi-directional heat transfer between the inside and the outside of a building. The focus in winter is preventing heat from leaving the building, whereas summer heat needs to be kept outside of the building. This keeps the energy bills low, protects the environment and improves air quality, which keeps people healthy, comfortable and productive. Modern double and triple glazing also protects people in the building from external noise, i.e. the acoustic properties (also acoustic insulation or simply sound proofing) increase. This reduces stress levels, which supports health, concentration and productivity, leading to a variety of benefits for the individual and environment. For very noisy areas, the use of acoustic glazing is recommended, which can reduce noise by 40 dB and more.

With increasing glass thickness and application of other layers the visibility through the glazing units decrease. It is important to define, what purpose and properties the glazing unit should deliver for every individual area. For best results, different emphasis should be given to the main criteria of thermal properties, acoustic properties, anti-burglary protection, sun protection, personal safety (e.g. in work areas or areas of increased activity) and many more. Please take a look at high tech glazing options available from our German suppliers. In very simplified terms: The amount of glazing panes provides thermal insulation, the thickness of the glazing results in acoustic insulation, coating/ lamination of glazing creates sun protection, toughening (heat treatment) and use of laminated interlayer provide security and personal safety. A variety of combinations is possible depending on the desired outcome.

Below graphics explain the components and resulting properties of each main type of glazing. Please click on the graphic to allow an enlarged version with explanations to open.

 Low Energy Glazing


Acoustic Glazing

Acoustic Glazing

Safety Glass

 Laminated Safety Glazing

Solar Control Glazing

Solar Control Glazing

Decorative Ornament

Further options to define the design and function of your glazing units for double and triple glazed doors are provided by the use of decorative ornaments. Confidentiality and privacy as well as a special look can be created by these coloured, frosted and patterned glasses. Please see the SCS standard variety below (weiß = white):