Timber Doors – Double and Triple Glazed

Timber is the oldest door material. A timber doors will give your home or office a natural, comfortable feel. It will instil style and class into your environment. For that reason timber doors are very popular. Timber doors are slightly more expensive than uPVC doors and might require a little more care depending on the material and finish. Thermal and acoustic properties of timber doors provide very good results.

Timber doors supplied by SCS are of highest quality and the latest in design and technology. The stability of our doors will allow you to manufacture in large dimensions regarding width and height, compared to uPVC doors. Due to the material properties of timber, doors can be built in various shapes and configurations. The surfaces can be spray-painted in every available colour, using different colour combinations (e.g. inside and outside or for frame and sash). Our German manufactured product range consists of different high quality operating mechanisms and locking systems.

Timber glass doors - frame thickness for triple glazingThe frame thickness of timber is also the main factor for thermal and acoustic properties of frame and the whole door as well as stability and durability. Thicker frames also allow for thicker glazing units to be fitted. SCS timber doors are supplied in 3 configurations differing in frame thickness: CLASSIC 68 mm , VISION 80 mm, PREMIUM 92 mm.

Timber glass doors - frame options for triple glazingTypes of wood and manufacturing basics

Timber doors are generally manufactured from a small variety of suitable timbers. For quality doors you should count on using hard wood.

During the manufacturing process thin wood scantlings of opposing grain orientation and are glued in together (so called, multi-layer bonding) to achieve a strong, ridged and torsion-free framing system. Finger joined constructions are of lower quality, as they do not provide a smooth surfaces in the long run.

The most suitable types of timbers are oak, mahogany and dark red meranti as well as ash, walnut and a few other special timbers. These timbers provide good gross density and are therefore durable, rigid and very resistant against warping. SCS also supplies doors in larch, pine and spruce at a lower price.

From a sustainability perspective tropical timbers might not be the best choice. The replacement timber, which provides the same quality and properties at a better price, is Accoya-wood. Created via acetylated wood modification, using sustainably grown timber, the Accoya process is non-toxic.

Please see below some links showing the variety of colours available for our timbers: