uPVC Doors – Double and Triple Glazed

Steel enforced uPVC provides fantastic properties at great value. The uPVC frames consist of several air chambers, which minimises heat transfer and therefore results to outstanding thermal properties. This combination of uPVC and enclosed air also absorbs vibrations and sound waves of various frequencies, which forms base of fantastic acoustic properties. In combination with the correct type of double or triple glazing, uPVC achieves best results for sound-proofing and protection against heat and cold.

Sustainable Construction Services’ imported range of windows and doors combines the latest technology with high quality materials and sophisticated engineering. Internal steel and uPVC profiles are accurately cut (down to hundredths of millimetres), before the profiles are married. Then the frame sections are bolted and welded together in highly sophisticated manufacturing facilities in northern and western Germany. Basically all materials of the process chain (from raw material to finished product) are made in Germany.

Surface damage by sunlight is a problem of the past. Due to increased quality, uPVC gains market share in the medium to high end residential market.

uPVC doors - frame thickness for triple glazingUPVC doors mainly differentiate by their frame thickness, quality and stability. This means the thickness of the external frame as well as the frame of the door panel/ leaf, which holds the double or triple glazing unit. Broadly speaking, increased thickness of framing and glazing panel will improve thermal and acoustic properties.

The imported high quality product range of SCS provides 3 major options for frame thickness of double and triple glazed door:

Classic with 70 mm frames, Vision with 76 mm frames and Premium with 88 mm frames

uPVC doors - frame option for triple glazing


uPVC Doors are available in an extensive range of colours. The PVC decor can be applied single-sided or double-sided, on the frame only or frame and sash. That way each door can be individually adapted to the interior and exterior finish of your property. Below, you can find a small variety, which is available in every configuration. Many more colour choices are available upon request, depending on frame thickness and type (e.g. bevelled or round edge).

Standard Colours – available for all frame types

Standard Colours of uPVC Doors

Some additional colours and surfaces/ textures, available upon request

Optional Colours for uPVC Doors