Insect Screens for Windows – Multifunctional, Flexible, Fitting

Insect Screens (or commonly called fly screens) are a feature in basically all residential and most commercial properties. Nowadays, insect screens can fulfil purposes besides intrusion of insects. There are also major differences with regards to materials, quality, and configuration. Technical capabilities differ depending on the mesh type, such as light transparency, air passage, pollen filtering, electro smog barrier, etc. The mounting type also differs between, stentering frame, hinged frame, sliding frame or roller screen.

All fly screens supplied by Sustainable Construction Services are attractive and timeless in design to harmoniously integrate into your living or work environment. The screens fit accurately and quality materials guarantee durability. Please see some of our options below:

Screen Types

Fixed frame insect screens:Fly Screens Fixed Frame

With over 100 installation options available it is perfectly suited for all wooden, plastic and aluminium windows. Easy assembly – does not require any drilling. Now also available with the award winning Transpatec fabric – for more light and air passage. This solution is available in a multitude of colours to complement your window frame or exterior finishes.

Hinged Fly ScreensHinged frame insect screens:

Quickly water the flowers or look for the kids. This is the ideal insect screening for frequently used windows with a flexible assembly option. Easy opening and gentle closing.


Roller Screen for WindowsRoller insect screens:

Insect screening whenever you need it. Fly-screen roller screens for windows will provide maximum protection. BTW: Roller screens supplied by SCS can now also be equipped with the almost invisible Transpatec fabric.


Mesh Types

Fibreglass ScreenFibre-Glass Mesh:
Highly effective protection against insects thanks to a mesh size of 1.41 x 1.58 mm while providing a good air circulation

Very tear-resistant and weather-resistant fabric made of plastic covered fibreglass

Basically no fraying thanks to a heat-setting infrared welding of the cross-over points

Good transparency thanks to neutral colouring of the fabric in grey or anthracite

Pollen Mesh ScreenPollen Mesh:

Reliable protection from more than 99% of grass and birch pollen and more than 90% of fine pollen such as ambrosia or nettle

Approx. three times higher air permeability compared to conventional pollen screens

Maximum tightness thanks to customisation and a precise assembly in Neher insect screening frames which have been tried and tested a million times

Awarded with the ECARF quality seal for tested protection

Double protection against pollen and insects

Transpatec Mesh ScreenTranspatec Mesh:

Brilliant transparency from the inside and outside thanks to a super fine, patented high-tech thread (Ø 0.13 mm) and innovative weaving technique

Optimum insect screening thanks to smaller mesh openings compared to a standard mesh

Increased transparency of the fly-screens thanks to extremely thin threads

Around 140% better air passage compared to conventional fabric thanks to a reduced mesh area and a unique fabric structure with a minimum of air turbulences

High weather resistance, stability and durability thanks to high-tech threads and a patented weaving technique with binder yarn

Transpatec is suitable for all fly-screens for windows and doors

Electro-smog ScreensElectro-Smog Mesh:

Shielding of 99.9% of the electromagnetic fields (1800 MHz) thanks to a fine meshed stainless steel covering of the fabric core

Protection of 99.7% of the 3G/ 4G networks

Fly-screens with a high transparency and air permeability thanks to a fine yarn

High tear-resistance and weather resistance thanks to a high proportion of fibreglass in the fabric

E-smog protection even with the window opened


Please Contact Us to discuss, which screen type suits your home or business.