Timber + Aluminium Windows – Design and Quality for High-End Homes

Timber + Aluminium combination windows are the climax of modern window technology. These materials were married to achieve a resistant, weatherproof surface on the outside and keep the classy, high-end look of timber on the inside. This reduces the necessity of maintenance and care compared with timber-only windows. An aluminium profile is mounted onto the exterior surface of window frame and sash, which provides great structural capabilities. The timber is protected from weather and UV-impact and will stay permanently in shape, without Frame thickness sectionnecessity to re-paint and nourish the surface. Timber-aluminium windows are available in different timbers and any colours (pantone or RAL). The windows can be built in large sizes and all thinkable shapes and options.

Our windows mainly differentiate by their frame thickness, quality and stability. This means the thickness of the external frame as well as the window sash, which holds the double or triple glazing panel. Broadly speaking, increased thickness of framing and glazing panel will improve thermal and acoustic properties.

Timber + Aluminium Combination doors come in frame thicknesses of 80 mm and 93 mm.

 Timber + Aluminium Windows 80
 Standard (80 mm)
Timber + Aluminium Windows 90Premium (93 mm)


SCS supplied Timber + Aluminium Combination windows can be manufactured in every type of timber suitable for window manufacture. The standard timbers we supply are shown below. Please Contact Us to request other timbers.

Types of Timber

The windows are available in an extensive range of colours.

The powder coated aluminium is available in basically every colour (pantone and RAL). The timber can be surface treated or painted in a variety of finishes, on the frame only or frame and sash. That way each window can be individually adapted to the interior and exterior finish of your property. Below, you can find a small variety, which is available in every configuration. Many more colour choices are available upon request, depending on frame thickness and type (e.g. bevelled or round edge).

The timber can be painted in every colour. In order to keep the timber visible, SCs recommends the following varnishes/ surface coatings:

Timber Varnishes

Additional options can be provided Upon Request.