Entrance Doors

Entrance doors are a special feature of every building. The charm of a quality entrance door will improve the overall design of your building and significantly better the first impression given to visitors. Sustainable Construction Services supplies a huge variety of German manufactured doors: Decent and extravagant, plain and colourful, narrow and wide, single and double, etc. We have the right door for every individual character and taste.

Generally speaking, a door always consists of a frame manufactured from a certain material (uPVC, Timber or Aluminium), the panel/ leaf, which contains the design elements (e.g. glazing, cassettes) as well as the hardware/ fittings (internal/ external handles, locking and security mechanisms). Use of appropriate leaf and handles will create a special design, whereas appropriate fittings will provide increased security.

Below, you can find the different types of entrance doors for houses, businesses and apartments supplied by SCS. For more details, please click on the pictures and links below.

Topic Entrance Doors

TOPIC Front Door

A class of its own: The TOPIC-Entrance Door. This high-end product will bring quality, innovation and great visual impact to your house. The solid and strong characteristics alone will frighten burglars off, however available security locking systems will withstand any attempt with certainty. TOPIC is an affordable highlight, not only for architects and designers. Read more: TOPIC Entrance Doors

uPVC Entrance Doors

uPVC Entrance DooruPVC entrance doors are available in a variety of types, sizes and configurations. The surfaces vary from white over different colours to patterned or grained surfaces, which always leave a good impression. SCS imported German manufactured range of doors is supplied with 3-point locking systems (plus hinge-points) in the standard version; optional increased security is available. The huge range of door panel configurations will spoil for choice. Diverse push as well as twist handles will complement every design approach. Read more: uPVC Entrance Doors

Timber Entrance Doors

Timber Entrance Door

Timber doors can be individually designed and machined to your liking. SCS will supply your desired door, based on sketches or drawings containing design elements, such as lites (double or triple glazed), cassettes and sections of different colours. Otherwise, you can choose from a variety of models and configurations. In combination with our secure locking system options, your timber door will bring class and style to your house and business. Read more: Timber Entrance Doors

Aluminium Entrance Doors

Aluminium Entrance Door

Similar to uPVC doors, our aluminium doors can be equipped with a variety of door panel configurations. For shop and office entrances as well as high traffic areas, aluminium has long been the best suited material. Quality aluminium doors are strong and durable; they can be coated in every available colour. For private homes aluminium doors are rather found in the high-end market, however architects and designers prefer them on many occasions. Read more: Aluminium Entrance Doors

Apartment & Sub-tenancy Doors

Apartment/ Sub-tenancy Doors

There is still a gaping rift between poor quality and medium to high quality entrance doors to your apartment or office sub-tenancy. More often than not unsecure doors are made of thin sheets of timber or MDF similar to interior doors, which compromise privacy, security and the feel of being in ones own private space. Entrance doors supplied by SCS are the absolute opposite: Our doors make the tenants and visitors feel they are in the right place. Our doors provide anti-burglary protection, acoustic and thermal insulation and a more comfortable feel at a great value. Read more: Apartment Doors & Sub-tenancy Doors

Entrance Door Security

Entrance Door Security

Besides windows, front entrance doors are often targeted by intruders and burglars. Advanced criminals are using so-called electropicks and bump keys. Within seconds literally all doors are open, your assets are exposed and your safety is at risk. This can be prevented by securing doors, which starts with choosing the correct locking system. A profile cylinder in your door forms base of good security. Advanced security, however, can only be achieved by using fittings and hardware that cannot be drilled out or pulled out. Read more: Entrance Door Security