Aluminium Entrance Doors

SCS aluminium entrance doors are extremely strong and highly secure. Aluminium doors are more expensive than uPVC doors, being made of the more durable, stronger material. One reason is that aluminium entrance doors have better capabilities for many applications; for example very large door panels embedded in framing systems with transom (top) lights and side panels can be realised; or your business could be equipped with a glass façade embedding a highly secure aluminium framed glass entrance doors. Any colour available in the RAL and pantone system can be chosen, as aluminium is generally suitable for powder-coating and anodising or paint finish. The thermal properties of aluminium doors are not perfect, although the aluminium panels of our doors are separated by thermally efficient foam layers and are equipped with double and triple glazing panels. Our different models of aluminium doors differentiate by their technical capabilities: Thermal properties, acoustic properties, panel types, colour and hardware/ security. SCS supplies doors providing advanced burglar protection systems.


The entrance door profiles are based on a multi-chamber system, providing structural strength to the door. An important feature of the multi-chamber system is the so-called thermal break, which drastically improves the thermal properties (reduced heat transfer between inside and outside) of your door. The greatest benefit of a quality aluminium door is durability, as they usually last many decades.

Below you can see 3D-sections of our most common profiles, which provide different properties depending on their thickness and design:

Classic 70 mm


Elegance 80 mm


88plus (88 mm)

Door Panels

SCS aluminium door panels are available in custom-sized residential and commercial styles. Besides on the door frame, acoustic and thermal properties as well as design are predominantly depending on the door panel. The panel is either inserted into the inner frame or mounted onto the frame (flush-mounted) for a smooth, modern design. Our door panels usually consist of 2 sheets of aluminium, separated by a thick layer of polystyrene for thermal and acoustic insulation. Functional and design features, such as glazing (frosted, patterned , clear, etc) or decorative chisels will deliver your desired design in one of our basically indefinite colour options. See some options below:


Modell 6895


Modell 6889


Modell 6849


Modell 6914


Model 6862


Modell 6872


Modell 6921


Modell 6860


Modell 6842


Modell 6847


Modell 6922

Handles and Hardware

Door handles and hardware often differ between different manufacturers. Generally, we can distinguish between interior and exterior handle. Whilst interior handles are normally door knobs or handles, exterior handles can be so-called push handles or push bars. These are available in different versions. Straight, rounded, square – the push bar is an important design and functional element of your door. The interior handle is also available in various options. Please see below some explanatory examples. Please Contact Us for more detailed information:

Interior handle on backplate


Interior handle on rose


Push handle Athinai

Push bar

Please see our gallery of available Handles and Hardware (coming soon).

Door Security

Entrance Door SecurityEvery lock, profile cylinder, fittings/hardware and other parts are contributing to the security in your building. SCS is proud to offer advanced locking systems at great value. Please read more about Door Security.