Apartment Doors & Sub-Tenancy Doors

Doors to apartments and sub-tenancies require higher quality, better properties and security than normal interior doors. Therefore, apartment doors should not be built of thin-walled honeycomb core construction and weak layers of timber. It is rather important to choose quality and strength, as apartments are often targeted by burglars. Not many apartments allow view to the main entrance door, which allows criminals to pretend they are postmen or tradesmen. Such an intrusion gives the opportunity of opening apartment doors of insufficient strength. More brazen criminals might even enter an occupied apartment to take valuables with force. Therefore, restrictors and door viewers should be installed, giving the tenants additional safety and a comfortable feeling.

TOPIC Apartment Doors

TOPIC Apartment Doors

They are a class of their own. The TOPIC doors are extremely strong and precision manufactured. They are a great investment and increase the property value for the tenant as well as the owner. Numerous decors and finishes are available in order to reflect on the extraordinary quality of this product. TOPIC Apartment doors have their separate product category with SCS. Stability and security are their outstanding attributes. The TOPICcore superior veneer – wood surface will blend in with your desired design and will prevent tenants from noise pollution and unpleasant smells. This will also prevent arguments amongst tenants. The superior quality will be recognised even by a layman.

 Below you can see the four most popular models:

 TOPIC Apartment Doors WE13

Model WE13 Wenge interior

 TOPIC Apartment Doors WE1 Maple

Model WE1 Maple interior

TOPIC Apartment Doors WE1 Mahogany

Modell WE1 Mahogany interior

TOPIC Apartment Doors WE1 Nuttree

Modell WE1 Nuttree interior

 TOPIC apartment doors are extremely airtight. This is achieved by use of “warping-free/ distortion-free” materials in combination with magnetic door seals supplied by Alumat Germany. That way the standard version TOPIC door achieves noise level reductions of 44 dB, which almost double values of common door types.

No compromise is made, when it comes to security: The standard version TOPIC apartment door is achieves the Resistance Class – RC2 certification. It is supplied with triple locking system containing solid hook bolts and can be prepared for your master key system’s standard cylinder. SCS can optionally supply the doors with individual locking system or complete master key system.

The 67mm strong door panel achieves insulation value of 0.85 W/ m², exceeding any requirements in thermal insulation by far. You are welcome to chose from a variety of high-end real wood veneers as well as melamine finishes according to RAL-chart.

CLASSIC Apartment Doors

CLASSIC Apartment Door

Our Classic apartment door range is perfectly suited for new buildings as well as refurbishments. Door panels, seals and locks are of very high quality. SCS supplied apartment doors come in a variety of colours and designs and custom sizes to suit any existing or new building. The advanced security features make the classic range a worthy investment. Classic apartment doors consist of an aluminium door panel with timber core and a specialised corner frame suitable for refurbishments. This frame can be simply mounted on top of the existing door frame, which avoids costs of additional dismantle, rendering, paint works, etc. The corner frame is slim and hardly visible, so that the original clear opening size remains. Three part butt-hinges, up to 7 locking points, hinge-side security with interlocking teeth and integrated restrictor will provide the latest in intruder and burglar protection systems. Please see more details of SCS entrance doors below.

Functions and Technology

Example Picture
Profile Section
Section with timber frame
Section with steel frame
Butt hinges
Triple Lock
Hinge-Side Security

Colours and Finishes

Please see our standard range of colours and finishes below. Please contact us to verify availability of your desired finish.


Porous Timber, white

Ash, white

Kanadian Maple

European Beechuche


American Maple












RAL 9016 ,white


RAL 9006, aluminium-grey


RAL 7024, graphite grey

RAL 1013, pearl white


RAL 3004, purple-red


RAL 5003, sapphire blue