Timber Entrance Doors

Sustainable Construction Services supplies durable timber entrance doors of highest quality. Representing style and class, our timber entrance doors can be customised to your needs and desired design into the finest detail. The latest manufacturing technologies use by our German suppliers allow positioning of glass panels to the tenth of a millimetres accuracy. Basically indefinite colour choice (pantone and RAL), a variety of hardware, handles and security and other features make the difference. SCS supplied doors are available in 3 different profile types that fulfil every desire.

ProfilesTimber Entrance Door Profiles

In line with our timber windows our timber entrance doors are available in 3 profile versions. The chosen profile thickness basically defines the thermal and acoustic properties of your door. Please see below profiles and associated frame thickness:


The variety of individualised solutions, shapes and configurations is impressive. Doors can be manufactures as per drawing or sketch including design features, such as lights (double or triple glazed), cassettes and sections of different colours. Otherwise, you can choose from a variety of models and configurations. The list below shows a choice of our most popular models:

Handles and Hardware for Entrance Doors

Door handles and hardware of differ amongst different manufacturers. Generally, we can distinguish between interior and exterior handle. Whilst interior handles are normally door knobs and handles, exterior handles can be so-called push handles or push bars. These are available in different versions. Straight, rounded, square – the push bar is an important design and functional element of your door. The interior handle is also available in various options. Please see below a small variety of our most popular models:

Please see our gallery of available Handles and Hardware (coming soon).

Entrance Door Security

Entrance Door Security

Every lock, profile cylinder, fittings/hardware and other parts are contributing to the security in your. SCS is therefore proud to offer advanced locking systems at great value. Please read more about Entrance Door Security.