TOPIC Front Doors

TOPIC Front Doors have a category of their own, as they are solid like a brick wall. This high level of resistance provides security of highest standard. TOPIC doors are also durable and resistant to climate like no other timber based door. The TOPICcore-surface defies harshest conditions.

The high level of manufacturing quality, finish and design can be distinguished by every layman. Below you can see the strength in sections of the TOPIC entrance door

 TOPIC Entrance Door T1

TOPIC T1 section

 TOPIC Entrance Door T2

TOPIC T2 section

 TOPIC Entrance Door T3

TOPIC T3 sections

It would require a small lexicon to explain all advantages of the TOPIC entrance door. Therefore, we are listing the main features below, which provide outstanding capabilities to this product. Feel welcome to request further details via phone or email: Contact Us.

The main difference to other high quality door systems is the surface. TOPICcore provides a satin-finish, smooth surface, which does neither fade nor discolour. It is 100% climate resistant and does not require repainting or care. This maintenance-free technology will protect you for decades to come.

TOPIC is available in different timber types, such as Oak, Mahogany, Spruce and Larch. More than 40 different standard colours are available, whilst the advanced coating technology sustains the timber grain and structure. Oil treated surfaces are also durable, climate resistant and will give your building a natural attraction.

The TOPIC range is generally available in 3 levels. The basic T1 standard has already established at a high level of quality and security. This includes for example a triple locking mechanism, design strike plate and T1 hardware and fittings. Level T2 doors are built in accordance with Resistance Class 2 requirements, such as TOPIC rim lock in flush-mounted design and a further enforced door panel with quadruple glazing. The T3 standard takes this to the next level by merging highest quality and 3-D design with features like step glazing and integrated door handles.

Below you can see a selected variety of available TOPIC design option:


Daylight T3

Pure 02 T2


Pure T2

Concrete T3

B17 T3


B18 T3


A250 T1


A250 T2

A254 T1

B15 T2


A437 T1


B11 T1


B11 T1


B23 T1


B23 T2

B23 T3

B24 T1

B24 T2

B24 T3

B25 T1

B25 T2


B25 T3


B26 T1


B26 T2


B26 T3

B33 T1


B33 T2


Vision 01 T3


Shadow 03 T1


Shadow 03 T2

Shadow 03 T3