Custom Roof Windows and Glass Roofs

Custom roof windows and glass roofs are often installed in high-end residential buildings as well as commercial buildings. Besides the magnificent designs that are created, other benefits of a glass roof outweigh those of other configurations in many buildings.

Roof windows glass roofs

In residential buildings with large living areas customised glazing is most suitable. Large glazed areas will provide healthy daylight all day long and reduce the electricity costs during the day. Sunsets and bright nights can become part of your indoor living experience. Naturally, all glazed areas can be equipped with manual or automated windows and blinds. This will give you full control of air quality, ventilation and control of the amount of light you let in. Large glazed areas are also suited for bedrooms, entertainment areas, sun rooms, etc. In bedrooms, you are able to see the night sky in panoramic views still being protected from noise and temperature.

In commercial buildings, roof glazing services a number of purposes. Roof glazing establishes superior spaces in work areas, meeting spaces, lunch rooms, restaurants, retail facilities, sport venues, function rooms, etc. The possibilities are indefinite. This will not only keep your employees healthy, motivated and productive; it will also make customers, business partners and visitors of any kind attracted to your business. The business environment created in bright buildings will create a positive atmosphere, welcoming visitors of all kinds.

Sustainable Construction Services supplies customised roof windows based on high quality, thermally-broken structural aluminium framing (also timber and uPVC) manufactured in Germany or locally. The aluminium profiles are the latest technologies manufactured by Schueco, Heroal and Hueck. SCS is able to supply roof glazing of all kinds at very competitive prices due to the high efficiency of manufacture and logistics. Please Contact Us to find out about options and associated pricing for your construction project or refurbishment.

Roof windows glass roofs