Roof Window Accessories and Care Products

Like every other window or glazed area, roof windows and glass roofs require accessories to complete their functionality and design in a modern house or business. Sustainable Construction Services supplies high-tech accessories for every budget.

Flyscreens for Roof WindowsSimple accessories like fly screens, lockable handles or installation frames for roof windows are available for our standardised as well as customised products. We will also be able to provide the appropriate care products, cleaning tools or even provide care and maintenance services through one of our technicians.

Moreover, SCS is able to supply highly sophisticated automation systems for windows, shutters, awnings and blinds. These can be for example grouped together and programmed to open and close at different times of the day, in order to maximise energy efficiency or just to letAutomation Systems the morning sun and air into your bedroom. Alternatively, these systems can be equipped with sun, rain and wind sensors to open and close automatically, depending on weather and conditions.

SCS also supplies a variety of security related accessories and features, such as restrictors to allow ventilation but keep intruders out. Window alarms or break-glass alarms can be fitted and even connected to your home or office security system.

Window LightsMany design enhancing accessories are available. Window lights for example are a perfect way to balance the lighting at night time and create an atmosphere non-the-like.

SCS is looking forward to discuss suitable roof windows accessories and care products with you. Please Contact Us.