Shutters, Blinds & Awnings for Roof Windows

All roof windows supplied by Sustainable Construction Services can be equipped with shutters, blinds and awnings. Our product range is large, covering both, customised and standardised products.

For standardised products, such as Velux and Roto, we recommend manufacturer-specific shutters and blinds to suit the roof window or skylight. The variety ranges from manual shutters and blinds, via switch & remote controlled options to solar driven, sensor controlled units. Choosing the right product will ensure that your home or business is exposed to the correct amount of day light and heat, without creating glare or other nuances.

Customised roof glazing, glass roofs and facades can be equipped with customised blind and shutter systems. These can also be automated and remote controlled if required. Especially for large glazed areas, the penetration of sunlight and daylight makes a difference. Solar heat gain in winter will significantly reduce the heating costs, whereas heat reduction by blocking out sunlight in summer reduce cooling costs and improve air quality. Shutters and awnings are great products to keep heat and sunlight out. Blinds are very effective as glare protection, complete light blocking (black-out blinds) or sight protection (e.g. to create privacy).

Please see below a small part of our range of blinds and awnings for sun protection.

Roof window awningVelux External Sun Protection
Roof window blind
Velux Roller Blinds
Roof window blindVelux Pleated Blinds
Roof window blindVelux Venetian Blinds
 Roof window awning
Roto External Sun Protection
Roof window blind
Roto Roller Blinds
Roof window blind
Roto Pleated Blinds
Roof window blind
Roto Pleated Blinds

Customised External AwningsCustomised External Awnings

Customised Roller BlindsCustomised Roller Blinds

Customised Pleated BlindsCustomised Pleated Blinds

Specialised Custom BlindsSpecialised Custom Blind Systems

Please see below our extensive range of quality shutter systems suitable for every application. Our sales engineers are looking forward to discuss details with you, please Contact Us.

Shutters Blinds for Roof Windows
Velux Solar Shutters
Shutters Blinds for Roof Windows
Velux Electric Shutters
Shutters Blinds for Roof Windows
Velux Manual Shutters

Roto Solar ShutterRoto Solar Radio Shutters

Roto Electric Shutters
Roto Manual Shutters

Customised Roof Roller Shutters

Wintergarden Shutter Systems

Customised Shutter Systems for Sun Rooms