Skylights and Sun Tunnels

Skylights and sun tunnels have numerous benefits in modern construction. The main purpose is penetration of dark areas of you building with daylight. This is not only healthy and increases productivity. As a side effect electricity costs are reduced, as artificial lighting will not be required in these areas.

Secondly, operable skylights are a valve to avoid problems from the so-called “stack effect” and poor air quality. The stack effect is the natural process of warm air moving upwards. Especially in the warmer month of the year, warm air is often captured underneath the ceiling. When skylights are opened this stuffy air is released and replaced with fresh air, circulating through the room. This again reduces A/ C costs and improves air quality as a healthy side effect.

Sustainable Construction Services supplies and installs skylights and sun tunnels of several suppliers, such as Velux, Fakro, Roto as well as a variety of Australian manufacturers.

Skylights and Sun TunnelsSkylights and sun tunnels can be installed in flat roofs as well as heavily pitched roofs. No matter if suspended ceilings need to be penetrated or larger horizontal distances need to be covered. Daylight can be provided by boxing out the area towards the suspended ceiling. A sun tunnel can even be laid through a cavity to jump a floor. This will provide daylight in the second highest level, e.g. ground floor in townhouses and multi-storey commercial buildings.