Sun Rooms, Winter Gardens & Glass Facades– Add Light, Add Life

Sun rooms, winter gardens and glass facades become more and more attractive in modern construction. With the introduction of energy efficient glazing and framing systems at falling prices, large glazed areas find their place in many commercial and residential designs. Concerns about increased energy costs, increased noise levels (external sources), reduced security, etc are problems of the past.

Glass roofs and glass facades can be used for a variety of purposes in residential and commercial construction. Winter gardens and sun rooms will create a fluent connection between outdoor and indoor areas during the warm time of the year. During the cold month, they create additional work or living spaces that are full of light.

Mullion Transom Design for sun rooms and winter gardensMost constructions are based on the post-beam – also called mullion-transom – method. Vertical structural elements (mullions) are mounted onto horizontal elements (transoms) allowing for thermal impact and normal structural movements of the building. The structural framing material can consist of aluminium, uPVC or even timber. This depends on preference, overall dimensions and resulting static requirements. Strong and robust configurations will ensure quality and durability, whilst quality finishes in many colours and textures will allow for high-end designs. Glass structures manufactured by this method allow for customisation to the last detail.

Sustainable Construction Services supplies customised glass structures, such as winter gardens, sun rooms, glass facades, glass roofs, etc. Larger units are pre-manufactured in Germany or locally and then assembled on site. We mainly supply aluminium framing and steel-enforced uPVC. Timber can be supplied upon request, depending on the desired size of the glazing units. Many features are available, such as automated windows, blinds or shutter systems.  Angles of 3 to 60 degrees for your glass roof are possible, depending on existing structures or your design preference.

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