Shutters, Blinds & Awnings

Sustainable Construction Services supplies and installs a range of high quality German-manufactured internal and external shutters, blinds and awnings. Our unique product range provides sun and rain protection, privacy as well as increased security for your home and business. A lowered roller shutter or strong external blind will create an additional barrier for unwanted intruders.

Roller Shutter Systems

Roller Shutters - Shutters, Blinds and Awnings

SCS roller shutter systems are the most advanced systems available in Australia. They are perfectly suited to complement our quality window and door range, however they might easily be installed to complement an Australian conventional as well as modern window system. Our systems are supplied motorised, remote controlled as well as automated with timer functions, sun, rain or wind sensors to suit your preference. SCS further complements our imported range with high quality local manufactured shutters. Numerous types, models, colours and finishes are available. Read more: Roller Shutter Systems

External Blinds

External Blinds - Shutters, Blinds and Awnings

External blinds are especially beneficial during the long summers with high sun impact on windows and glass fronts. Our high-end systems convince through slim design, high durability and quality of finish. Minimal light transmission is achieved by interlocking slat systems that can be supported by cable guidance or rail guidance, depending on size and model. SCS supplied blinds are mainly motorised, which allows large blind systems to operate decades without fail. Read more: External Venetian Blinds

Interior Blinds

Interior Blinds - Shutters, Blinds and Awnings

The easiest way to protect your interior from the sun, glare and heat is the use of internal blinds. During the day, they prevent glare and provide privacy, whilst vision to the outside is possible, for example through silver-coated translucent foils. SCS supplies numerous free-hanging, cable-guided and track-guided blinds, such as venetians, pleated blinds, roller blinds, etc. They can be manually operated or motorised depending on position and purpose. Read more: Interior Blinds

Fabric Awnings

Awnings - Shutters, Blinds and Awnings

An awning is a great alternative to cover and protect your terrace, veranda, balcony and entertainment area on demand. A quality awning is completely resistant to wind and weather. With fitted sun guard, wind guard and even rain sensors, awnings are nowadays able to extend and retract autonomously in order to ensure optimised shading and longevity. Box colours and fabric designs are available from a huge range. Read more: Fabric Awnings

Awnings for Building Entrances

Entrance Awnings - Shutters, Blinds and Awnings

During the cold and rainy month, protection of your entrance from wind and weather will improve your day. Awnings serve as design elements as well as rain and sun protection for tenants and visitors. For that reason SCS offers awnings in a huge range of colours, even though the most popular models are clear or tinted glass awnings mounted on stainless steel and aluminium frames. Read more: Awnings for Entrance Areas