Folding Arm Awnings – Fabric Awnings

Our awnings and sun canopies provide protection from sun and heat on your balcony, terrace, backyard and outdoor area. Various models and fabrics create individual designs. Awnings are classified as retractable open awnings, semi-cassette awnings or full cassette awnings. Furthermore, there are side awnings, which are mounted vertically onto the wall in order to protect from wind and provide privacy when extended.

Whilst cassette awnings protect components, such as shaft and rolled up fabric, semi-cassette awnings are only exposed downwards. Open awnings are fully exposed to the weather and should only be installed in protected positions – for example under eaves, the edge of a pergola, etc.

Please see below different types of awnings supplied by SCS:

Open Awning - Retractable

open awning  930 Swing

Open Awning - Retractable

open awning 1000

Open Awning - Retractable

open awning 1300

Semi-Cassette Awning - Retractable

Semi-cassette awning  500

Semi-Cassette Awning - Retractable

Semi-cassette awning 1600

Semi-Cassette Awning - Retractable

Semi-cassette awning 990

Cassette Awning - Retractable

Cassette awning 1200

Cassette Awning - Retractable

Cassette awning e 3300

Cassette Awning - Retractable

Cassette awning 5010

Cassette Awning - Retractable

Cassette awning

Cassette Awning - Stainless

Stainless steel- Cassette awning ES-1


 The technique and quality of installation play a significant role for awnings. Unfortunately, you often find torn awnings or awnings, pulled off the wall. This is also a major safety issue for tenants or visitors. In most cases, this is caused by inadequate mounting and insufficient strength of fixings. Wind loads are often underappreciated. Therefore, our qualified SCS technicians are using latest techniques and high-end fixings. This ensures personal safety and durability of your awning.

Awnings for Building Entrance and Shop Front

There are numerous reasons, why the installation of an awning in front of your home or business is of great benefit. An awning will protect you from rain and sunshine on rather uncomfortable days. It will further protect your finishes as well as the tenant’s mail from the elements. Especially for apartment blocks an awning delivers the right protection for tenants and visitors waiting for entry. Mounted above shop fronts, shoppers are protected when inspecting your displays and offered goods in the heat or rain.

Sustainable Construction Services supplies a variety of modern awnings, light in design and weight as well as robust and durable. The trend goes to installation of well-finished aluminium and stainless steel constructions, usually combined with glazing.

The images below show some models from the SCS product range. All models can be supplied in different dimensions and configurations:

Permanent Awning


Permanent Awnings
































Awning 170

Awning 171

Renovations and Refurbishments

Once the building’s finishes fade, break or decrease the value of your property, refurbishments and renovations are required. This pleases tenants and protects your investment. Old style awnings do normally not fulfil requirements of modern architecture. In this case, a reclad as well as a replacement of existing awnings are alternatives. In both cases designs can be adapted to new building finishes. Lighting requirements can be updated. This way mailboxes and street numbers in apartment blocks or displays of shops are well illuminated at any time of the day.