Interior Blinds

The easiest way to protect your interior from the sun, glare and heat is the use of blinds. During the day, they prevent glare, provide privacy and even save energy costs by preventing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. At the same time vision to the outside is possible, for example through silver-coated translucent foils. Generally speaking, fabrics are classified by the amount of light they transmit. Fabrics can be transparent, semi-transparent, dim-out or black-out. SCS supplies numerous free-hanging, cable-guided and track-guided blinds. Our product range consists of Venetians, pleated blinds, roller blinds and specialised applications. They can be manually operated or motorised depending on position and purpose.

Sustainable Construction Services specialises in the supply of 3 product types: Roller blinds, pleated blinds and Venetian blinds. Only German and Australian manufacturers of high quality products form part of our product range. Our customers can choose from a variety of materials, fabrics and colours. Even glass facades, windows of irregular shapes and windows on an angle/ glass roofs and can be equipped with blinds (see also: Shutters, Blinds & Awnings for Roof Windows)

Please find below more details for each product range:

Roller Blinds

Cable guided roller blindRoller blinds are available in different configurations and sizes. A maximum width and maximum height of 3.5 meters each is possible (larger sizes are available upon request). The roller blinds can be mounted onto walls, ceilings or window frames. To stabilise blinds against draughts or moving windows and doors, the blind can be either cable guided or track guided. Many manually operated and some automated models are available. SCS even supplies double roller blinds, which allow the operator to control the amount of light penetrating at any time of the day.
Depending on the purpose, different fabrics are used to either prevent glare, provide privacy or block-out light completely.Thermotec Fabric
If Thermotec fabric is used, roller blinds can drastically reduce your energy consumption for heating and cooling. This can lead to an annual saving of up to $25 per square meter of window area in your house. Each of the different fabrics are supplied in a variety of colours, with different specifications concerning reflection, transmission and absorption of light.


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Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds can also be distinguished by functional and design properties. They can be perfectly installed on any type of window, square, triangular or even round. They can be further fitted to roof windows, winter gardens or even glass facades. Motorised or manual versions are available. Pleated blinds are available unguided or with track or cable guidance. Please see possible configurations supplied by SCS below:

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Pleated Blind Configurations

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are especially suitable, when the amount of daylight to penetrate the building needs to be freely adjustable. For that reason Venetians are so commonly found in residential and commercial buildings. The variety is large, sizes of up to 4.4 meters width and 4 meters height are possible. Slats of 18-50 mm width are possible in either aluminium or timber. The colour range is basically indefinite, also allowing for special textures and patterns. The Venetian blinds can be cable-operated, crank-operated or motorised. Cable guides are available, which is especially interesting for doors and sloped applications.

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