Exterior Venetian Blinds

Exterior Venetian blinds can be shifted up and down just like roller shutters. Additionally, the slats can be adjusted from horizontal to vertical positions, allowing for total black-out, reflection only (no direct sun light) or almost 100% transmission. Whilst roller shutters require tracks to run in, exterior Venetian blinds can be either guided by rails or even by cable guide only. This results in a light and decent design.

Exterior Venetians are generally motorised. Additional functions, such as “sun guard” and rain sensors as well as radio switch and remote control are additional features of SCS supplied systems. The colour of boxes can be chosen from a huge range of our RAL-chart, complemented by an extended standard colour range for the different slat types.

Please see below schematics of some of the our exterior Venetian blind systems supplied by ROMA. Whilst this shows general differences, many options are available, when it comes to colours, sizes, mounting type, box type, operation and slat type. SCS further supplies exterior Venetian Blinds of other manufacturers.

External Venetian Blind - Front Mounted

Front-mounted blind

External Venetian Blind - Top Mounted

Top-mounted blind

External Venetian Blind - In Wall

In-wall blind system

ROMA top and front mounted blinds are equally installed in residential and commercial construction as well as building refurbishments. The blinds can be either mounted in front of the windows, above or replaced by a new window combined with an in-wall system. The latter option can be easily build to size, pre-assembled and placed into the existing wall cut-out in one work procedure. This way, the blind will disappear within the wall/ façade to create a smooth appearance. Surrounded by an insulated box, the systems fit every window type and prevent draughts or heat loss. All parts are made of weather-proof UV-resistant materials. In-wall Venetian blinds are available for rendered or brick facades and can be optionally equipped with insect protection screens.

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