Roller Shutter Systems

Roller shutter systems have advanced over the past decades, keeping pace with technological developments. These multitalented systems do not only provide shade, darkness or decrease heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. Modern roller shutters also open and close simultaneously, in groups (e.g. south facing facades only) – for example during absence of tenants or towards programmed times of the day. Connected to a “Sun Guard” sensor, the shutter will automatically position at a programmable height or detect obstructions for safety purposes.

Even the standard range supplied by Sustainable Construction Services is multi-functional. The roller shutter provides privacy, shading and blocs light out. Even the thermal insulation is improved due to foam –lined casing/ box. Slats as well as box are available powder-coated in basically every colour.

In principle, roller shutters are distinguished according to the type of installation. Front-mounted roller shutters are usually installed on the exterior wall or brick work above the window. So-called add-on or top-mounted roller shutters are installed simultaneously with the windows in case of new buildings or window replacements. Front-mounted roller shutters are best suited for retrofitting.

Roller Shutter Rondo - Front Mounted

Front-mounted Rondo XP

Roller Shutter Pento - Front Mounted

Front-mounted Pento XP

Roller Shutter Quadro - Front Mounted

Front-mounted Quadro XP

Roller Shutter Puro - Top Mounted

Top-mounted Puro

Roller Shutter End-Slat

Design End-Slat

Drive systems

There are generally 2 different drive types for roller shutters: Manual or motorised. Manual roller shutters can be belt or crank operated, whereas motorised shutters are operated by a switch or remote control.

Motor driven roller shutters are increasingly popular. Even the remote controlled systems can be adjusted within minutes and allocated to groups to open and close simultaneously. The advantages for the customer are numerous: One central switch in home or business is sufficient. Also, the remote controlled version allows all shutters to be operated from inside and outside. Furthermore, costs are saved for installation of additional cabling, switches and junction boxes. Damages to your wall and ceiling finishes are prevented during the installation, which usually causes additional plaster and paint works.