Solar Services

Sustainable Construction Services has recently formed a new entity. Sustainable Solar Services (SSS) will manage the market launch of its product lines in the field of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in Australia. Our services include:

Solar Sponsoring

Solar Sponsoring

Ever thought about benefiting from this Australian sunshine on your roof but don’t have the financials? SSS introduces the in Germany and the US most successful model of Solar Sponsoring to the Australian market to get rid of these upfront costs.

Now you can get your solar system for free and cut down on your electricity costs, become clean and show your colleagues and employees that you care and are smart about your energy consumption.

Increase your company earnings by paying less for your energy while securing constant electricity prices for the next years to come.

Apply for a free eligibility evaluation of your company and don’t fall behind the over 1 million Australians who decided to take their energy into their own hands and show the electricity retailers that there’s a limit to those price increases.

SSS ensures high quality delivery without any catches with Solar Sponsoring, just the German reliability you appreciate from SCS. Try us!

Be welcome to Contact SSS, if you have questions or just want to discuss products and technologies in more detail.