Products – Windows, Doors, Shutters, Blinds, Awnings & More

At Sustainable Construction Services, we are proud of our unique product range, choice of materials, finishes and specifications. We guarantee to supply and install the highest quality products found in Australia in each product category at a very reasonable price. Our products are state of the art and continuously improving, as our suppliers in Germany and Australia continuously implement innovations and improvements. Fulfilling the customers’ needs by creating customised solutions to suit their individual situation and application is our main target. SCS operates in the replacement/ refurbishment market as well as new constructions of residential and commercial properties.

Please take a look at our huge product range, available options, extensive details, background and technical information.

 Double and Triple Glazed Windows

Windows (Double glazed and Triple glazed)A large part of our operations is based on supply and installation of double and triple glazing. Our product range consists of double-glazed and triple-glazed uPVC Windows, aluminium Windows, timber Windows as well as a combination of materials/ technologies, i.e. PVC + aluminium and timber + aluminium windows. SCS supplies a variety of window types, shapes, hardware/ fittings, handles, glazing options and accessories in order to fulfil your requirements in thermal insulation (outside temperature protection and energy efficiency), acoustic insulation (soundproofing, noise reduction), security (hardware resistance classes, special glazing, acoustic window alarms) and ventilation (frame and glazing rebate ventilators). Our colour range is basically unlimited. SCS will find the perfect combination of options to serve your needs and desires, support your health and well-being, reduce energy costs as well as impact on the environment. Please assess our various options, details and specifications here: Double glazed and Triple Glazed Windows

Double glazed and Triple glazed Doors

Double glazed and Triple glazed DoorsDouble glazed and triple glazed doors form part of our window segment. SCS offers the same materials and glazing options found in our window product range. That way we ensure a consistent and high quality design of your home and office. Our double glazed and triple glazed doors in PVC, Aluminium, Timber and their combination fulfil highest standards in design, quality, finishes, acoustic & thermal insulation and security. A variety of door types, mechanisms, colours, hardware, fittings and fixtures can be supplied and installed. Please find various options, details and specifications here: Double glazed and Triple Glazed Doors

Roof windows, skylights and custom glazing

Roof windows, skylights and custom glazingSCS supplies and installs a variety of double glazed and triple glazed roof windows and skylights. We supply standard size roof windows from chosen leading manufacturers in Germany as well as customised roof glazing: Skylights, roof windows, glass roofs and sun rooms/ winter gardens. All products are focussing on advanced technologies, containing double glazing and triple glazing, high quality framing in aluminium, timber, PVC and combination materials. We supply fixed windows or windows with a variety of opening/ locking mechanisms and glazing options in every desired colour. Our products will ensure controllable sufficient daylight penetration and ventilation to make your space to live and work a healthy and happy environment. Please find various options, accessories, details and specifications here: Roof windows, skylights and custom glazing.

Entrance Doors for Homes and Offices

Entrance Doors for Homes and OfficesThe variety of entrance doors for residential properties and offices is enormous. SCS can supply any desired product in the right material. We are the expert supplier of high-end design doors with numerous optional security features for your new or existing property. Please review our extensive product range and contact us for further queries concerning sizes, configurations, colours, finishes, handles and locking systems. We will present all details of our range of aluminium doors, timber doors and PVC doors on the phone or in a personal conversation. We guarantee highest quality of material and installation, highest security standards as well as reduced energy costs and noise penetration. Please find various options, details and specifications here: Entrance Doors for Home and Office

Apartment doors and sub-tenancy doors

Appartment doors and sub-tenancy doorsThere is still a gaping rift between poor quality and medium to high quality entrance doors to your apartment or office sub-tenancy. More often than not doors are made of thin sheets of timber or MDF, similar to interior doors. This compromises privacy, security, the feel of being in your own private space. Entrance doors supplied by SCS are the absolute opposite: Our doors make the tenants and visitors feel comfortable and secure. Our doors provide anti-burglary protection, acoustic and thermal insulation at a great value. Please find various options, details and specifications here: Appartment Doors and Sub-tenancy Doors

Shutters, Blinds and Awnings

Shutters, Blinds and AwningsSCS has the right solution for every area in your home and office to protect you from sunshine, glare, street lights and increase the security of your building. Our extensive range of interior and exterior shutters, blinds and awnings provides you with manifold solutions that exceed modern standards, suit every design approach and moreover deliver protection for times to come. All our products are highly durable, as they are made of quality materials in highly sophisticated manufacturing plants in Germany and Australia. Please choose from our massive product range of shutters, Venetian shutters, blinds and awnings. Products are available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, patterns and options. Shutters, Blinds and Awnings

Security Doors and Grilles

Security Doors and GrillesSCS also supplies an extensive range of security Doors and Grilles. Our products will round up the security of your home and office. Fear for casual break-ins as well professional burglars will not be an issue for your family or a threat to your assets in the workplace, once SCS has fitted correct combination of security hardware to your premises. Please review our options and Contact Us for further queries or comments: Security Doors and Grilles