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    Skylights & Glass Roofs

    Skylights, roof windows and custom roof glazing are becoming more and more attractive for a number of reasons. They increase daylight penetration, visibility of surrounding landscapes or the sky during day and night. Increased natural light will not only improve the design and appearance of your home and workplace, moreover it will improve the well-being of your family, visitors, employees and customers. At the same time skylights and roof windows can enhance ventilation and reduce electricity costs for lighting.

    Modern quality roof windows and skylights are easy to operate and clean. They can be combined with roller shutters or blinds, optimising sunlight to achieve perfect lighting levels. Depending on the season, minimised or maximised solar heat caption is achieved. Modern roof windows, skylights and glass roofs are highly energy efficient and come in customised options, i.e. in any size and configuration. SCS is able to install glass to large parts of your roof (panorama/ picture windows, glass roof, etc). These glazed areas as well as associated shutter and blind systems can even be motorised to allow for opening, closing and sun protection from any distance.

    Sustainable Construction Services supplies and installs a variety of double glazed and triple glazed roof windows and skylights. We supply standard size roof windows from chosen leading manufacturers as well as customised skylights, roof windows, glass roofs and sun rooms/winter gardens from a variety of German and Australian based manufacturers. All products are focusing on advanced technologies, containing double glazing or triple glazing, high quality framing in Aluminium, Timber, uPVC and combination materials. We supply fixed skylights as well as operable skylights with a variety of opening, locking mechanisms and specialised glazing options in every desired colour. Our products will make your space to live and work a healthy and happy environment.