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    Glulam - Glue Laminated Timber

    Glulam – Glue Laminated Timber

    Glue Laminated Timber (known as Glulam) is an engineered wood product used for beams and posts for both its structural strength and natural finish. We manufacture Glulam products similar to CLT, however the lamellas are glued along the grain to create a high carrying capacity of the beam.

    There are a number of advantages using Glulam for your residential or commercial project, such as:

    • High strength, stability and load-bearing capacity
    • Lightweight
    • High level of prefabrication available
    • High quality surface finish
    • Construction and architectural versatility, due to special shapes being available (e.g., curved) and high component strength levels

    We manufacture our products to standard specifications or custom according to the required length, dimension, strength class and surface quality. SCS supply beam sizes in widths between 60-280 mm, heights between 60-1280 mm and lengths between 6-18 m. Similar to CLT, Glulam is also available in visible or non-visible quality, depending on the client’s design and requirements.

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    Glulam is manufactured as standard units, in a variety of lengths, dimensions, strength classes and surface finishes based on the clients’ requirements.

    Wood SpeciesSpruce
    Surface FinishVisible quality, non-visible quality
    Strength ClassesGL24c, GL24h, GL28c, GL28h, GL30c, GL30h*, GL32c*, GL32h*
    Surface and Finger Joint GluingModified melamine resin, for categories 1-2, UV-proof and weather proof, light
    Width60 – 280 mm** (in 20 mm steps)
    HeightUp to 1280 mm (in 40 mm steps)
    Length6 – 18 m***
    Cut to Length3.5 – 18 m***

    *Only visible quality
    **Width 60 mm is split, only available in GL24. Width 280mm in GL24 available, in GL28c on request
    ***Maximum length subject to transport solution available

    GradeVisible QualityNon-Visible Quality 
    SurfacePlanned on 4 sides, chamferedPlanned on 4 sides, chamfered, rough areas permitted in some cases
    Insect AttackNot permittedPermitted to a minor degree
    Discoloration (Blue Stain / Red Stain)In principle free of colour defects, up to 5% of the surface permittedPermitted
    Resin PocketAdmissible up to 5 x 50 mm, no clusterPermitted
    Intergrown KnotsPermittedPermitted
    Black KnotsPermitted up to 30 mPermitted
    Fallen Out KnotsPermitted up to 10 mPermitted up to 20 mm
    Pin KnotsPermittedPermitted
     ProductGlue Laminated Timber (Glulam) 
    ApplicationColumns, posts, beams etc.
    Strength ClassesGL24, GL28, GL30, GL32*
    AssemblyCombined (c) / Homogenous (h)
    ManufactureIn accordance with EN 14080
    Wood SpeciesSpruce
    Mechanical GradingIn accordance with EN 14081-3
    Lamellae40 mm
    AdhesiveModified melamine resin, light, non-darkening joints
    Moisture Content9 – 14 %
    Surface QualityPlanned on 4 sides, chamfered edges, visible quality, non-visible quality
    Combustion Behavior0.7 mm / min
    Fire BehaviorD-s2, d0
    Dimension ToleranceWidth +/- 2 mm

    Height +/- 2 mm

    Length +/1 0.1%

    Change in ShapeAxially 0.01-0.02 % per % change in moisture content

    Radially 0.19% per % change in moisture content

    Tangentially 0.34% per % change in moisture content

    Heat Conductivity0.13 W/mk
    Water Vapor 

    Resistance Coefficient

     μ = 40

    *Available on request 

    ComponentCombined GlulamHomogenous Glulam


    Strength Values (N/mm2)



    Glulam engineering are services provided by SCS and our experienced team. We have technically experienced in-house staff and a wide network of engineering consultants that we can engage in order to deliver your Glulam solutions. We provide you with comprehensive advice and sound services throughout the whole process. Our qualified engineers and construction specialists can provide you with support throughout the whole process from initial design to completion. Our main services include:

    • Structural engineering and physical characteristics
    • Fire engineering and data
    • Advice on construction techniques and connection materials
    • Construction details and connection details

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