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    Conservatories & Sunrooms

    Conservatories & Sunrooms

    Conservatories and sunrooms seamlessly combine vertical and overhead glazing. This combination maximises natural light and provides a clear view of the outside environment. A well designed sunroom creates a new space for relaxing and entertaining. SCS installs custom conservatories or sunrooms, which extend the area of a home that has limited space.

    Our products are available in a number of options in order to provide increased security, thermal and acoustic properties, and privacy. We supply double or triple glazing subject to the project requirements. SCS also supplies a range of internal and external sun-control systems suitable for use in conservatory and sunroom structures.

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    Conservatories and sunrooms are an increasingly popular addition to any residential or commercial property. Conservatories and sunrooms combine vertical and overhead glazing to increase natural light and provide a clear view of the outside environment. During the warmer times of the year, conservatories and sunrooms create a fluid connection between outdoor and indoor areas. In the colder months, these glazed rooms create an additional work or living space that is full of light and passive heating from the sunlight. Concerns about increased energy costs, uncontrollable noise levels, reduced security and privacy are a problem of the past with modern technology.

    These spaces are perfect for working, entertaining or relaxing in the peaceful, quiet and stylish area. Sustainable Construction Services (SCS) can make sunrooms and conservatories in a variety of different shapes, configurations, and styles, such as:

    • Modern conservatory
    • Contemporary conservatory
    • Victorian conservatory


    Sunrooms and conservatories can also be made with single, double or triple glazing with a variety of products to achieve your design and performance requirements. Sun control systems such as blinds and awnings are also available in order to control the heat transfer and privacy of the area. SCS custom makes and installs conservatories and sunrooms across Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria. SCS handles the whole process, from pricing, to planning and permit approval (if required), design, construction drawings, supply, installation, and certification.

    Conservatory and sunroom designs combine the use of vertical glazing and overhead glazing to create a room that is flooded with natural light. Conservatory and sunroom systems can be made from a variety of frame materials such as uPVC, timber, aluminium and composite materials.

    The vertical glazing component of the system can be incorporated with opening windows to provide ventilation, as well as doors to open up the space and provide access to the external area. The types of materials and openings for windows and doors can be explored further on the Double and Triple Glazed Windows and Double and Triple Glazed Doors pages.

    The overhead glazing component of the conservatory or sunroom can also be made in a variety of materials. The overhead glazing is constructed like a glass roof system and seamlessly incorporated with the vertical glazing to create one continuous glass room.

    Conservatory and sunroom systems can be designed in a way to control the heat gain, privacy, and visible light transmitted through the glass. Similar to other products, conservatories and sunrooms can be supplied as single, double or triple glazed depending on the project budget and performance requirements (thermal, acoustic, security etc.).

    The glass type used in the vertical and overhead glazing can greatly influence the thermal, acoustic, privacy, and security performance of the conservatory or sunroom. Glazing is available in low-emissivity, toned or tinted, acoustic, security, and frosted glass to suit design requirements.


    Conservatory and sunroom design and installation can be quite a complex and detailed process. Conservatories and sunrooms must be designed with appropriate structural integrity, with the structure and glass designed and certified to Australian Standards and the Building Code. SCS provides full design and install services for conservatory and sunroom projects for new buildings and renovations, to ensure the end product integrates well with the building and is safe and compliant.

    SCS provides the following services for all conservatory and sunroom projects:

    • Initial inspection, measurements, and advice (refurbishment projects)
    • Initial planning and design meeting (new build projects)
    • Design services
    • Planning and building permit application
    • Engineering design, calculations and certification
    • Supply of materials
    • Installation of the supporting structure and glazed units
    • Compliance certification
    • Coordination of other trades that may be required to complete the internal or external environment of the sunroom, such as: flooring contractors, painters, plasterers, roof plumbers, electricians, etc.

    SCS ensures that all sunrooms and conservatories designed, supplied and installed are of the highest quality, safe and compliant and completely water and draught proof. SCS supplies and installs conservatory and sunroom projects across Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria. Please contact SCS to find out more about how we can assist you with your conservatory or sunroom project.

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