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    Cross Laminated Timber & Glulam

    Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Glulam is becoming an increasingly popular and exciting product on the Australian market. CLT and Glulam construction methods combine all of the advantages of solid structures such as sound insulation, thermal insulation, fire protection and structural integrity with the added ecological benefit of utilising wood as a sustainable raw material. Some of the main features of CLT and Glulam can be seen below.

    Prefabrication: short construction times, high degree of prefabrication, simple systems
    Structural stability: high dimensional stability
    Lightweight: reduced footing requirements, minimal labour required on-site for installation
    More Space: relatively small component thicknesses are possible, thinner walls without compromising on thermal performance
    Permeable: acts as a vapour barrier, eliminates need for additional wall wraps, dampen peak indoor humidity, resulting in comfortable balanced room climate
    Wood mass: comfortable living environment; heat storage in winter, insulation in summer
    Visual quality: pleasantly warm wood surfaces, nature in architecture