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    Supply and Installation

    Supply and Installation

    Sustainable Construction Services is the most varied high quality supplier in each of our product categories in Australia. The combination of imported products, Made in Germany and quality Australian products allows us to supply a massive range of materials, options, accessories, designs, configurations and finishes at great value. Many of our products are not available anywhere else in Australia, neither in SCS quality nor SCS variety.

    The quality of our service as well as our products is based on a network of suppliers with a positive can-do attitude and focus on customer service. Innovation and continuous improvement are means by which SCS ensures consistently high quality of product, installation, customer service, maintenance and technical support. Our product range is chosen in this way to ensure that products of equal quality can be supplied in consistent design, no matter which material, finish and colour you prefer. SCS is generally interested in supply and install or supply-only, with the option of monitoring the installation quality of your installer.


    Depending on our clients’ wishes, we are able to supply products, technical information, drawings and samples from design stage until delivery and even monitor installation techniques and quality of workmanship, alignment, etc. SCS is happy to leave the installation to your trusted builder or tradesman, still supporting with technical advice and instructions. However, we strongly recommend use of proper tools, fixings, sundry parts, sealants and insulating foams. Especially the installation technique is important on the one hand to receive full benefits of our products, such as thermal insulation, sound-proofing, security, etc. On the other hand proper alignment is important to ensure long term operation and durability, prevention of additional maintenance and repair costs as well as protection of your structures and finishes from water penetration.


    Proper installation is the key to a quality product and finish, ensuring durability and sustainability. If short-cuts are taken during the installation of windows and doors, moisture might be created or water might be leaking into the building. In both cases dangerous moulds/ fungus will be the result, creating a risk to your health and also damaging your structure and finishes. Inferior technique and workmanship will also lead to airflow into the building, draught and increased noise from the outside. As a result your energy costs increase and further means to aggravate your health and stress levels are created unnecessarily.

    Shutters, blinds and awnings must be aligned accurately and mounted with sufficient strength. Otherwise, moving parts will be damaged and lead to failure over time. High wind loads will cause damage. Furthermore, the security properties of external shutters and blinds as well as security grilles and doors might be compromised.

    For that reason, SCS uses latest techniques and materials to complete your installation to the highest standards. We are conducting strict quality control prior, during and after the installation and will not leave until we can rest assured that everything works 100%. As a result of this high quality, SCS will be able to provide you with extended warranties if the installation has been conducted by our technicians and contractors.

    SCS will install at residential and commercial properties, for companies and government institutions, subcontract to builders or work for owner builders. Any scenario is convenient for us.

    Please Contact Us to discuss supply and installation options in more details.

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