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    Double & Triple Glazed Doors

    Doors in modern homes or offices fulfil a variety of functions and purposes. SCS specialises in double and triple glazed doors to accompany our window range. For the majority of applications glass doors are mainly used to allow access from the inside to outdoor areas such as balconies, verandas, backyards and the like. Nowadays, the minimum reasonable standard is double glazing for reasons of energy savings (cost savings), security and demand for higher quality.

    SCS builds on highest quality and variety at good value to ensure customers receives the best products to complement their overall concept. SCS offers an extensive range of materials, types, configurations, options and accessories that will bring a quality high-end finish, security and comfort to your home and office. At the same time our products ensure that the correct amount of daylight penetration and privacy is achieved and that your overall design is supported.

    Our double and triple glazed doors can be further combined with our huge range of Entrance Doors. This creates perfection, streamlines design in your home or workplace by applying the latest technologies through high quality products.