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    Double & Triple Glazed Timber Windows

    Double & Triple Glazed Timber Windows

    Double and triple glazed timber windows give homes or offices a natural, stylish and comfortable finish. The natural properties of wood make these products unbeatable. Wood windows will have outstanding thermal and acoustic performance.

    Timber products do require long-term care and maintenance. However, a high-quality timber window will last a lifetime. Timber can be very customisable, allowing the client to choose from a variety of stains, paint colours, types, configurations, and styles (e.g., heritage or modern).

    Our timber windows form part of our high-end imported range of double and triple glazed windows. The timber profile is also available in the matching door system for the complete package to support all projects.

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    Timber has been used in buildings for decades and is a very popular choice of window material. A timber window will give your home or office a natural, stylish and comfortable finish. The inherit thermal and acoustic properties of timber as a material, makes these window products the best in terms of performance. Although timber does require some care and maintenance in the long run, a high-quality timber window will last a lifetime.

    Timber windows supplied by SCS are of highest quality and the latest in design and technology. The stability of our windows will allow you to manufacture in large dimensions (widths and heights). Due to the properties of timber, it is also very customisable, with various shapes and configurations possible. Timber windows can also be made with special beading, glazing/colonial bars and additional trims/accessories to suit your building’s style such as Victorian, Edwardian/Federation, Art Deco, Contemporary etc.

    The thickness of the timber window frame is a major factor in determining the thermal and acoustic properties. Sufficient frame thickness provides structural strength, stability and durability. The larger frame depth also allows for thicker glazing units to be fitted. SCS offers 3 frame thicknesses for our timber windows, which are 68 mm, 80 mm and 90 mm. Typically 68 mm frames are used for double glazed timber windows and the thicker 80 mm and 90 mm frames are for triple glazed timber windows. Our most popular profile for timber windows is the 68 mm profile due to its cost effectiveness and high thermal and acoustic performance.

    Timber windows can be manufactured from a variety of suitable timbers. During the manufacturing process thin wood scantlings of opposing grain orientation are glued together (so called, multi-layer bonding) to achieve a strong, rigid and torsion-free framing system.

    We offer many species for our German timber windows, which can be seen below.


    All our timber is sustainably sourced and certified. Upon special request, SCS supply Accoya wood, which is created via acetylated wood modification creating a sustainable, non-toxic and wrap-free product.

    Our German imported timber windows are completely finished in the factory prior to shipping. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing plants implement machine painting to ensure an even and consistent finish to all items. The timber windows are treated with 2 under coats and 2 top coats to ensure the finish is high quality and the paint/stain absorbed into the timber.

    Our range of timber finishes can be accessed via the Downloads tab.

    The type of glazing selected for a window can influence the daylight transmission, thermal properties, sound insulation, safety, privacy, and security of the whole window unit. It is essential that the glazing type is specified carefully for each project to ensure the end product provides a healthy, comfortable, temperature stable and quiet environment.

    To achieve this balance, modern glazing technology has advanced to provide a wide variety of glass types and coatings. Double and triple glazed windows can use these glass types in combination in order to achieve the desired outcome. Double glazing combines two layers of glass with an insulated spacer in order to increase the thermal insulation of a window. Triple glazing combines three layers of glass with two insulated spacers in order to achieve greater thermal insulation.


    SCS supplies double and triple glazed windows in a wide variety of shapes and configurations. The shape of the window and the opening type can influence the thermal and acoustic insulation, security, safety and structural strength of the window.

    The most common type of window used throughout Europe and supplied by SCS. In one position, the window tilts inwards at the top for permanent ventilation. The second position swings inwards (similar to a door) for flush ventilation and cleaning. This window type uses a multi-point locking system to apply high compression on the double seals to reduce air penetration. These windows can also be made with a double opening (French style) to increase the clear opening and ventilation.


    • Extremely high thermal and acoustic performance
    • Minimal air leakage/drafts
    • Increased security
    • Secure in tilt function (steel bar) for constant ventilation
    • Easy to clean, especially for upper storey windows


    • Must be installed and adjusted by an experienced installer
    • Interior blind solutions must be carefully designed to integrate well with this solution


    The installation of high-quality and well-finished handles will greatly influence the final design and appearance of the window. Selecting a complementary handle type and colour will impact the overall style of the room. SCS supplies a range of high-quality window handles for our European windows in a variety of styles. Our handles are available in both key-lockable and non-key-lockable to suit all design, safety, and security requirements.



    Flyscreens are an important component of all residential and commercial properties. They are mainly used as a barrier against insects, but with changing technology they can fulfill many other purposes besides preventing the intrusion of insects. Different material types and configurations can be used for insect prevention (standard flywire), bush fire protection (metal mesh) and security (steel mesh and diamond grill screens).

    For all our window projects, SCS can supply the matching flyscreen or supply you with a suitable flyscreen contractor, to ensure the appropriate screens are supplied for your project.


    Windows supplied by SCS can come with special features and profile additions in order to suit the required style.

    Glazing bars and colonial bars are an important decorative window feature in many architectural designs. SCS supplies a range of products with glazing bars, colonial bars and glazing separators to suit your needs, whether you are creating a Hampton style home, preserving the character of a Federation style home, matching heritage overlay or enhancing an architectural element.



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