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    Soundproofing Windows

    Soundproofing with Double Glazed Windows

    Windows are generally poor barriers against sound transmission into a house. A standard window with 3mm glass is not very effective in insulating noise, making it challenging to find a solution for reducing sound transmission through these windows. However, double glazed windows with specialised acoustic glass should be considered for blocking sound transmission.

    The soundproofing properties of a double glazed window are determined by the size of the gap between the two window panes and the use of different thicknesses of glass in each pane. Additionally, incorporating laminated glass can further reduce noise transmission.

    Standard double glazed windows are primarily designed for thermal insulation and are not intended to insulate against sound transmission. Therefore, it is essential to modify the gap between window panes and the thickness of the glass in each pane to effectively soundproof a house. A standard double glazed window with at least a 12mm gap is effective at reducing sound transmission of medium to high frequencies (e.g. human voices). To block low-frequency sounds (e.g. traffic), using glasses of different thicknesses in each pane and incorporating laminated glass will help reduce unwanted sound transmission.


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