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    Health and Sustainability

    Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS)

    LOHAS is a part of the population focused on sustainable living and ecologically innovative initiatives. LOHAS focuses on a variety of issues evolving around healthy way of life for individuals as well as an environmentally sustainable living. Therefore, LOHAS considerations focus on 6 main areas: Food & Nutrition, Mind & Body, Buildings & Energy, Home Life, Transport & Leisure and Work & Money.

    In most of the western world 10% to more than 30% of the population are committed to green and health living in line with recent studies (USA 25%, Germany approximately 20%, Australia 15-30%). In Australia, the market share has almost doubled within the last 4 years, however remaining insecurity and scepticism about the claims made by manufacturers in more than 60% of the population still exists.

    Sustainable Construction Services strongly endorses the LOHAS approach, knowing the effects of health and sustainable living on individuals and the whole society. We are committed to improve the health and sustainability of the individual as well as our society as a whole. SCS is capable of achieving improved health and sustainability for our customers in a cost neutral or cost saving manner, seeking to win individuals for the LOHAS approach.

    SCS especially seeks to contribute in the areas of:

    Buildings & Energy

    Our products are highly energy efficient for the operation of a building in combination with low energy use for maintenance and repair (long product lifecycle). Furthermore, the manufacturing process, supply and operation of our own business are focussed on low energy consumption.

    Home Life

    Our products and installation methods exceed requirements of green star ratings providing improved ecological and personal advantages through improved low-energy insulation, recyclability, etc. As a result improved room climate, sun exposure, etc support a healthy way of life.

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    We highly recommend Sustainable Construction Services and expect to use their services for future building efforts.

    Michael – Melbourne

    Thank you for completing the job of installing new windows to my home in a timely manner. I recommend you highly to all new customers.

    George – Melbourne

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