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    Passive House Design

    Sustainable Construction Services provides support and services to aid in the design and realisation of a Passive House. In order to support the implementation of Passive House Design in Australia, SCS supplies a range of products and services using our own expertise and experience in Passive House Design.

    Passive House Design Prinicples

    In order to achieve passive house design, the following principles must be applied throughout the design and installation process:

    • Air tightness: Air tight building envelope is essential to achieving passive house. A Passive House building limits the number of penetrations, gaps and cracks within the envelope, eliminating draughts. This is usually achieved through a continuous air tight membrane around the entire building envelope.
    • Thermal Insulation: It is essential that the building envelope contains sufficient insulation to ensure that the indoor conditions are kept separate to the outdoor conditions. This provides thermal comfort and reduces the risk of condensation (resulting in mould).
    • Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery: This system ensures that the indoor air quality is kept to a high level and that a steady fresh air supply is provided to the indoor environment. These systems also recover heat that would otherwise be wasted. Most systems also have a function that filters the incoming air, leading to fewer pollutants and a lower risk of condensation.
    • High Performing Windows: Natural light is important for any building; however, windows can be a thermal weak point in the building envelope. It is essential that high performing double or triple glazed windows are used in Passive House design. The windows are designed appropriately to also take advantage of the passive solar heating during winter months.
    • Thermal Bridge Free Construction: Insulation and air tight layers need to be continuous with minimal penetrations. It is also essential that materials are used that are less conductive to heat. It is important that the design eliminates thermal bridges.

    For more information on Passive House Design and the services and products offered by SCS, please contact us.

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